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21ST Commander of Naval Reserve Command

Bio Sketch
Assumption as CNRC


When I formally assumed my watch as your Commander, I clearly expressed the direction I would take in pursuing my mission and aspirations for Naval Reserve Command. I now lay out my guidance to ensure that we effectively perform our mandated mission and also to make certain that we sustain the gains set forth by my predecessors.

I expect every member of TEAM NAVRESCOM to work on the details in its implementation and assist me in accomplishing this endeavor.


In line with the current thrust of the AFP and the PN leadership, the PN’s Sail Plan 2020 and the FOIC, PN’s Balance Scorecard, the following basic and specific concerns shall be given priority attention during my stewardship:

Mission Accomplishment:

Our role in the PN organization is defined through our mission, which outlines the basic actions that we should undertake in order to achieve it. To accomplish this and all our aspirations, we should be able to understand the four core actions (organize, train, equip and administer) in our mission statement to effectively manage all our assets and resources while meeting old and new challenges in the organization. We must be able to perform our roles at NAVRESCOM as we continuously support the PN in its transformation and in seeking excellence and Naval Dominance in all mission areas side by side with our naval reserve force particularly in the AFP’s new security campaign framework. I urge everybody in this Command to help and contribute for its successful accomplishment.

Efficient Management of Resources:

The AFP/PN entrusted to us three important resources; man, money and machine, which we need to properly accomplish our mission and functions. It is therefore imperative that we take the responsibility in using them efficiently for the good of the organization and in service to our people. We will use our resources to equip and prepare our personnel to enhance their readiness and capacity to respond to any eventuality. Their basic sustainment requirements should be provided so that they could remain focused with their respective functions. Along this line, we will aspire to have a balance CY2011 program and optimize our budget for mission essential and morale boosting requirements. We will endeavor to improve work stations, living quarters and essential mobility equipment in order to maintain operational effectiveness. We will retain equipment with operational value and phase out those whose conditions are beyond economical repair. I am tasking the NR staffs concerned to make the necessary evaluation with their appropriate recommendations.

Aligning with PN Strategic Direction:

The PN is in the process of transforming its legacy navy to a navy of the future in accordance with our Sail Plan 2020. Along this line, numerous initiatives were formulated in order to meet the desired end state. This goal could be achieved only when our own initiatives or inputs will be aligned with the command’s strategic direction. Let us therefore aspire to complete our share of compliances (updating policies, doctrines, procedures) and help in building the future navy. I task the staffs, sail plan officer and all NRC unit commanders to coordinate and work for its realization.

Responsive Organization:

To be able to achieve our desired goals, we must also look into our organization and see to it that it will be responsive to our mandated tasks. We must review our current personnel fill-up and determine personnel requirements based on the approved TOE dated 18 March 2010. We must field the right people to the right job in order to ensure the proper accomplishment of our mission. I task NR1 to coordinate closely with NPMC and make necessary actions to get additional personnel (both Officers and EP) as replacements to those who will be retiring soon and those being transferred for rotation/career progression.

Morale and Welfare:

I intend to employ a reward system that would give proper credit to our deserving personnel especially those who have given their best efforts in the performance of their assigned tasks. We must also give equal opportunity in our rotation and assignment policy, granting privileges such as Informal leave, rest and recreation (R&R) and in availing of the different training programs of the Command especially on career advancement.

Let us also extend our program to our Reservists, especially those who rendered their time and services in helping accomplish our mission. We must acknowledge and give them due credit for their tireless efforts and selfless dedication to our common goals. Let’s give them the fitting recognition for their invaluable contribution to the Philippine Navy. Likewise, we should look into our Reservist’s promotion system and let us make necessary staff actions and recommendations to higher headquarters for the promotion of those deserving and qualified. NRCen Commanders and concerned staff must get involved and provide support to this very important aspect.

Recruitment Program:

As one of our major functions, we must increase our efforts in the recruitment of qualified reservist specially the highly technical professionals, appointed and elected officials to join our team. Likewise, we should not stop in attracting private companies and agencies to become part of our PNARU program specifically Land-based Engineering, Ports and Shipbuilding Services and Maritime companies. I expect NRCen Commanders to continue looking for opportunities where we can further expand our forces strength and TRIAD capabilities.
Training Program:

On training, we shall aggressively pursue our “Trainor’s Training” program and I am giving this task to NRCTC. Let us produce quality instructors for we will rely on them in generating quality sailors and marines.

Let us also amplify the involvement of our reservists in various military exercises to develop and improve their naval skills and capabilities, and better integrate them in future Fleet-Marine missions. I want all NRCen Commanders to participate in this endeavor and make a plan for the full participation of the reservists in their respective AOR’s. Let us draw workable plan to undertake Field Training Exercises in the different NRCens.

I task NR3, CNRCTC and all the NRCen Commanders to take necessary actions on this.

Accounting of Reservists:

On the monitoring of our Reservists, we must work double time in updating our Reservists’ records/profile particularly their status as ready or standby reserve and their mobilization through the Reservist Data Base System (RDBS). We can only react on the directive of the higher headquarters if we have an accurate data of our Reservists. We can likewise maximize their utilization if Naval Forces are fully aware of their status and readiness for integration with the Fleet-Marine team. I want NRCen Commanders in coordination with NR1, NR3, NR6 and CNRMC to seriously work on this very important area. I also want NR3 and NRMC to have an update on this particular task on a regular basis.

NROTC Administration:

On NROTC administration, I ask our NRCen Commanders and their Commandants to manage our NROTC units properly. We must ensure that affiliation of schools has the proper authority and those Graduate Military Assistants (GMA’s) being utilized in NROTC units have the necessary AADT orders. Likewise, all students taking up the Advance ROTC Program must be enrolled and validated by the School Registrar. We should maximize the implementation of the scholarship program as authorized by the CSAFP. We must ensure that we provide the best training and discipline to our young cadets/students for they are the hope of our maritime nation. As we perform these functions, I remind especially those who are empowered in the training and administration of our ROTC cadets to be extra careful in their dealings and refrain from actions that would blemish or tarnish the good image of the organization. Let us perform thru the guiding principles of our core values and be their role models. I task NR2, NR3 and NRCen Commanders to devise a system of monitoring and feedback in close coordination with the concerned school officials and students.


Observance of Security

Security is our primary business in the military. I therefore urge every member of TEAM NAVRESCOM to strictly observe security and adopt measures to safeguard classified records, FAS, ammunitions, and other valuable military equipment. I task NR2 and NRCen Commanders for the strict compliance of this guidance.

Culture of Maintenance

We should observe the right culture of maintenance in all our facilities and equipment in order to extend their serviceability and have better working environment for everybody. We should imbibe the habit of “malasakit” so I want the CO, HSG and NR4 to conduct inspection of our facilities at HNRC to include NRCens and take note of the deficiencies for proper programming especially the habitability aspect of all living quarters. Let us observe and practice the 5s in our housekeeping system. I also task NR4 to find ways how to maintain the roadworthiness and presentability of our mobility equipment.

Culture of Safety

Safety is everybody’s concern for it affects the combat or operational readiness of the individual soldier and the organization. Let us therefore endeavor to achieve accident free days and advocate this in whatever we do. Unless the habit and discipline of safety permeates in all aspects of the organization, we can say that we have an effective safety program. I task NR3 and CO HSG to prepare the NRC safety program for reference of all our personnel.


I have laid down my Command Guidance and I ask all of you to give your full support. With the aid of the Almighty and in the spirit of teamwork and cooperation, I am confident that we can achieve our goals. Let us now sail full throttle and continue to work as dependable partners in peace and nation building. God bless our voyage.

Captain PN(GSC)

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